Parkway Jars – The Best Online Medium to Buy Plastic Containers Wholesale

Do you want to purchase plastic containers wholesale and not sure where to start your search from? If yes, then we have got an answer for all your queries. We understand that whenever it’s about purchasing anything online, there are a number of questions that arise in our mind. We all want to make sure that we spend the least possible money and get the best product available in the market. To make your search regarding plastic cosmetic containers easier, we have brought detailed information about Parkway Jars, an online portal that sells durable and good quality plastic containers with lids. From them, you can buy the plastic container starting from 33mm. and all the way through 120mm or jars from ¼ ounce to 40 oz.
Different styles of jars that are available at Parkway Jars are as follows:
Plastic Containers with Lids

  1. Single Wall Sided – In these containers, the lip of the container, under the threads, acts as a barrier for the side wall of the jar. During shipping, this barrier can act as a savior and add life to your plastic containers. If you have a manufacturing business, which includes automatic capping and filling, then these are the perfect kind of containers for you. They have plenty of space available that can be used for labeling as well.
  2. Thick Wall Plastic Containers with Lids (Straight Bottom) – These are available in capacity ranging from ¼ oz to 16 oz. The corners of these jars are straight instead of being round. With their outstanding look and sturdiness, these plastic cosmetic containers are the favorites of the people in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Thick Wall Plastic Jars (Round Bottom) – These are another favorite among the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Paired together with Parkway Jar’s domed caps, these jars look very appealing.
  4. Double Wall Jars – The outers and inners of these jars are made using polypropylene. You can use them for a variety of purposes. Also, these can be made available in square and rounded bottoms, as per the requirement of the client.
  5. Blow Molded PET plastic containers wholesale – These FDA approved jars can withstand heavy fragrances, salts, soaks, essential oils, scrubs and other products that can sometimes cause compatibility headaches.
  6. Snap-Lock Wax Plastic jars – These containers are made using clear Styrene. These must be used with snap-lock lids, made by Parkway Jars, in order to ensure that the jars seal properly. These are perfect for the products that you can want to keep fresh for longer period of time.